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We value the support from our local brokers and realtors. Our realtor dashboard below will allow you to quickly access our inventory database, as well as easily send us client referrals

Why are realtors registering with Agile Homes?

Smooth process from start to finish

  • Instead of driving from location to location, your clients can simply pick their floor plan and personalize it to fit their lifestyle.

Fast payouts 

  • Just like an “existing” home, we pay commission. The difference is that half is paid within 5 business days of receipt of earnest money and the rest at closing.

No surprises for your clients (or you)

  • The price you see on your contract is the price you pay.
  • Every Agile home comes with a brand new roof, HVAC system, plumbing system and electrical system. If any issues are found within 12 months of move-in, we fix it. No delays or excuses. Unlike “used,” there’s no need for you to play part-time contractor to make sure your clients are happy with the house.
  • With an Energy Smart home, there are no monthly utility bill surprises.


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