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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions relating to our business or home-building in general? We've collected a few questions we receive often below.

  1. Is Agile Homes licensed to build homes in Oregon?

    Yes, we are licensed to build homes in Oregon. Our Oregon license number is CCB-194963. We have been licensed in Oregon since 2011 and have built many homes within Ontario city limits and also in Malheur County. All homes built in the state of Oregon require an additional $5,000 fee due to additional permitting fees and costs.

  2. What costs are included in your “build on your lot/land” prices?

    The prices include $5,000 in permit costs as well as all construction costs. Front landscaping including automatic underground sprinklers, sod, (5) one gallon shrubs and (1) ten gallon tree is also included. In general permit costs within the City of Fruitland, Payette and Ontario are very near $5,000. The base price does include all exterior painting, steps, and a 20’ concrete driveway.

  3. What costs are not included in your “build on your lot/land” prices?

    The priced plans do not include any elevation upgrades that may be required to meet more stringent CCR’s than the plans were created to meet. While these plans will meet CCR requirements in most subdivisions in the western Treasure Valley, they will not meet CCR requirements in every subdivision. For example, some subdivisions require roof pitches steeper than those shown on the priced plans. The plans can be adjusted to meet CCR’s. However, the cost of these adjustments must be passed on to the buyer.

  4. I own or would like to build on a lot with substantial slope. How does this affect pricing?

    The prices assume a relatively flat lot. Steps in foundation, retaining walls and other costs associated with sloped lots are not included in the base price. Agile Homes is very familiar with building on these sites, however, they do involve more cost than building on a flat lot. As with all of our pricing, Agile Homes pricing for incremental increases due to site conditions is very competitive.

  5. I own bare land outside the city limits. Can Agile build priced plans on my land? How does the pricing work?

    Yes, we do build homes outside the city limits. The base price includes the building permits and a $2,500 landscaping allowance. Many lots outside the city limits will need a well, septic system, driveway, and power from the road to the homesite. These costs must be added to the total purchase price. Agile Homes will manage these items without charging any markup.

  6. Does Agile Homes build detached shops and garages?

    Agile Homes builds great shops or garages. You can chose from simple finishes and basic electrical to fully textured, heating systems, plumbing, attic storage, living quarters, etc. Prepriced plans are coming soon, until then, the design built process will be used.

  7. What makes Agile different from other builders?

    Agile Homes is locally owned and operated. The owners, Mike Smith and Craig Smith, grew up in New Plymouth and are now living/raising their families in Fruitland,ID. Agile Homes believes in long term relationships with home buyers, employees and subcontractors. We do not use a “lowest bidder” method to select subcontractors. In fact, Mike and Craig have had relationships with most of our subcontractors for over a decade. This team approach to building is substantially different than many builder’s philosophy. Agile Homes takes pride in providing upgraded finishes and features at a very competitive price point. Many upgrades such as custom cabinetry, granite countertops, Energy Smart construction, etc are not included in the base price with other builders.

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